Back to work....

Last night i really enjoyed watching Run Fat Boy Run but was so relaxed and warm in bed as hubby had turned on the electric blanket i feel asleep several times so will have to watch it again fully in a couple of days when there is nothing on tv!

Today was back to work for me after not being well for a week and a half. It was difficult getting up as my sleeping pattern has gone out of the window whilst being ill but it was good to be back in the usual routine. I really want to start running in the mornings now it is lighter but i find it so difficult to get up! Really need to give myself a kick up the bum and tell myself to make it a priority!

For breakfast, i had a lovely cinnamon and raisin bagel with flora buttery and a glass of OJ, due to the lack of appetite recently this really filled me up and kept me going until lunch.

For lunch i had a weight watchers soup, i prefer to make my own soup but hubby bought lots of tins last week for me to have for lunch whilst he was at work.

The soup was really nice and low in fat, i also ate the nuts this afternoon but not the fruit - naughty amy! I will make sure i eat the fruit after dinner tonight.

I also had 2 rice cakes throughout the day, they are so yummy even though they make the office smell like someone has started a small fire LOL!

On the way home, i really appreciated my drive home, i used to live in Birmingham and the commute home would be on a grubby bus, through dodgy areas, stuck in traffic. Now i drive 10-15 minutes through the countryside. I wish it was safer to ride a bike on the main road but it is far too dangerous. Check out some of my views;

Below is the beautiful church that is right outside my house...

I'm home from work now having a cuddle with my fur baby. I think she misses me now i am back at work. I'm contemplating going for a run but am a little worried as i'm still not 100%, i suppose i could go for a power walk instead? I also need groceries so may do that this evening and start back running tomorrow. I'll blog later so you'll know what i decide!