Didn't mama tell you to eat your greens?

This evening I wanted to get some greens in me so decided to make my first green monster!

I had to use frozen spinach as that is all I had;

I added a banana and some soya milk;

I really like alpro as it has a creamy taste-yummy!

May I present you with my first ever green monster;

I made enough so I can have one for breakfast too. Here is me taking my first sip....

Erm, do I like it?.....

Hell yeah! I like it alot!

Tonights dinner was I am sad to say a ready meal but I am trying to clear out my freezer. I went for a weight watchers mushroom & brocoli wedge melt, it actually wasn't too bad!

My simple but nice dinner...

After dinner I remembered that I had some applewood smoked cheese in the fridge and as my husband does not eat cheese it is acceptable for me to eat it straight out of the packet!

Naughty Amy! I'm off to bed now to have some cheesy nightmares with green monsters!


    On March 4, 2010 at 7:54 PM Anonymous said...

    ive had a realy bad experience with a green monster before but im really intrested to try it! can u taste the spinach at all?

    that ryvita is masssiveee