Today the husband and i woke early so we could get to Trago Mills before the crowds, we were awake a little earlier than we needed to be so we watched The Great London Swim - it's an open water swim in London Docklands, i personally can not understand how people swim in open, murky water! The thought of it alone makes me feel anxious!

For breakfast i had a tasty cinnamon and raisin bagel with some flora spread (we were in a rush and i forgot to take a photo! Sorry x)

We got to Trago just at opening time, perfect! There were hardly any people and this place gets busy. It is a massive department store that sells everything under one roof, we wanted to get some decorating things for the hall. We saw some lovely mirrors that we may go back and get for over our fireplace, i liked the bottom one of the 2 mirrors.

We also found some funky stripey carpet which we like for the seaside theme hallway that we are planning on. It looked a lot better than it does in the photo!

After Trago we headed into Exeter, John was running late with dinner preparations so rather than pester him whilst he was putting the roast dinner together we went for a walk around the shops. Ollie was a little hungry and decided on a McDonalds, as he needed the toilet i said that i would order for him so i could grab a latte too. He said he wanted a small hamburger, small fries and a small coke, i realised that a happy meal would work out cheaper. When hubby returned i handed him the happy meal, his face below shows how impressed he was LOL!! He was putting on this face, he thought it was really funny!  

We then went into the poster shop Athena to see if they had any vintage seaside posters, they did not have what we want but they did have some funny postcards, Ollie and I had a good giggle reading them all, i ended up buying 6 of them and will put them in a frame, i'm not sure where to put them yet though.

We got to John's and whilst the dinner was cooking we started a game of Monopoly, John decided to buy everything and soon ran out of money - he was soon remortgaging his streets, which Ol and I found quite amusing.

We then broke away from the game for dinner. John kindly cooked me 2 nut cutlets as i do not eat meat, the boys had beef. I filled up on greens and only had one roast potato - go me!!

I also had a tiny glass of red wine in the biggest glass!

Back to the intense game of Monopoly.... somehow John did a 180 and started getting lots of money, bought Park Lane and Mayfair and the rest was history for me and Ol!

I was left with little - boo hoo!

We then tried the cheesecake that i made the previous day, we all thought it was really nice! I never like my own baking so this was quite and achievement!

I forgot to mention, whilst in town i bought MORE pink running gear, i purchased a lovely pair of black and pink shorts.....

A black and pink running vest......

and finally....a bright pink running teeshirt!

I may go for a very gentle jog tomorrow as i have only just got over having the flu so i need to take it easy. It is still so cold in the UK, this evening i have opted to wear my husbands big, cuddly woollen jumper.

It's 9pm in the UK, so i am going to settle down and glance through my new Womens Running Magazine and for a bit of inspiration watch Run Fat Boy Run.

I hope you are enjoying the blog as much as i am enjoying writing it, let me know what you think? Too many/too little photos? Not enough text? All feedback is welcome, good night peeps x