Yummy falafel

As we have had quite a busy day, I decided to make hubby and myself a quick yet nutritional meal. So I made falafel wraps, they were so tasty!

I also baked some low fat feta which I had on the side- it was mega tasty.

In my wrap I had 2 falafel, mixed salad, Mayo, BBQ sauce and homemade salsa

I mixed tomato & cucumber with a little mint sauce, it worked really well in the wrap.

My husband was hard at work today in our house and has decided to decorate the hall

Here he is hard at work - bless him x We have decided that we are going to go for a vintage seaside theme... watch this space!

I also treated myself to a nice glass of red now that I am feeling a bit better

See the glass is tiny!

Tomorrow we are off to Trago Mills to look for items for the hall, we are then over to john's for dinner (I hope my cheesecake is liked that I made earlier!)

I have enjoyed my first full day blogging, I think my family who live 3 hours away will enjoy catching up on my life, so for now I will say goodnight....

Foxy sleeps on me like this every night x


    that homemade salsa looks great!

    I'm sure the comments will be filling up soon as your blog is wonderful! :)